Friday, December 19, 2014

Gifthulk - First review

Hey guys! Today I'm giving my first impressions on GiftHulk!
At first, gifthulk seems like another site to get free things. But it seems better than this. They have the Fountain of Youth, which is amazing. Basically you can enter codes for usually 20-70 coins, 10 coins equals 1 cent. You can get codes by playing the Card game, or they are posted on facebook somewhere. Here's a couple codes to get you started
  • dailybonusbar
  • novembernewsletter
  • octobernewsletter
  • surveys2

Now, the site looks good and promising so far. The offers on Crowdflower do seem a bit low, though. But anyways, go and CHECK IT OUT!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another payment from KeepRewarding!

ANOTHER payment from keep rewarding! It takes 5 minutes each day to click 100 CPC woth about $.80 EVERY DAY!
join TODAY and earn with me!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chatabout- Make money chatting review!

Hey there guys! Today I'm reviewing Chatabout, one of my FAVORITE sites!
Now, Chatabout pays you 1 point to comment on either topics about anything, News articles (2 points Wednesdays) Questions/Answers, and Images, You get 2 points to comment in the Viral section, and make a post for 5 points. Each point is worth $.005, 1000 points for $5. These add up quick, and the Bonus section makes it better!
Under the Easy section, you can find lots of offers, from liking their Facebook page, to clicking a link! Some weekdays they have an offer for 10 points to JUST click a link! It's usually an instant giveaway.
Then there's the daily poll, giving 5 points each day. There's also a daily Path, where you basically click skip a bunch :)

Now, under your profile, you can get a 10% bonus on all points! Just set a goal, 50 is the minimum, and when you hit it, 10% of the goal is paid! You must complete it by the end of the day at Midnight EST

My review? It's a great site with lots of nice people. I've been paid before, too, which is amazing. It's amazingly easy and fun, and I think more of you should go on and talk!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

INSTANT paypal money!

Hey guys! QUICK guide to earning some extra pocket money by a trusted site!
1. Use google chrome.
2. Go to the Qmee homepage
3. Signup and download the chrome extention.
4. If you can, do the "tutorial" to earn 10 cents. If you want, cashout by clicking the button at the top!
5. Search on google! Below is a list of phrases that have gotten ads from me. For every one of the below, do like 5 general searches that won't get a responce. And wait 5 minutes
Boost Mobile
Motorola Shamu
Discount Flights
upcoming virgin mobile phones
These get from .05 to .15 that you can get by clicking the ads that come up on the left and viewing the website. LOOK AROUND! If you close immediately it will become harder to get ads!
That's it! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hey guys! Some of you may have seen my Cointellect post. Well, if you're thinking about joining, DONT.
This site requires you to imput a credit card after ____ has been redeemed. So dont join. If you have already joined and have money on there, request .5 euros every hour until it tells you to verify. Sorry guys, I did not know Cointellect required CC after a while. Good luck with other earnings!